In this page, I will write all my kernel config :

Graphics card

Device Drivers -> Graphic Support -> Nouveau (Nvidia card)

notes :
- nouveau must be present in the USE of make.conf
- nouveau must be present in xorg.conf file.It it was generated automatically, you have to check if there is nouveau and not nvidia in file.
- for this card, you should use this nvidia-driver package : x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-340.96 

Asus P5Q pro network card

Device Drivers ->  Network Device Support -> Ethernet driver support -> Atheros L1E Gigabits Ethernet Support
notes :
- dhcpd must be installed

File systems

File systems -> The Extended 3 ( ext3) filesystem
File systems -> The Extended 4 ( ext4) filesystem
DOS/FAT/NT Filesystems -> NTFS file system support *



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