Thursday, August 27, 2009

How do you update you gentoo ?

You have to update your gentoo frequently.
Here is some steps you have to do :

1) Update portage

$ emerge --sync

2) Update the System

$ emerge -p system
$ emerge -u system

3) Update Software

$ emerge -p world

$ emerge -u world

4) Launch Optimisation

If you want that executable start faster, try this :
$ prelink -amR (Very Very Useful ! see my documentation about installation and use prelink)

5) Search Optimisation

$ update-eix
See on eix.This command will permit you to run faster.

Important notes :
- It is possible to update your configuration file with etc-update.
If you are a beginner, use it carrefully because you can destroy you configuration.Make a backup before !
- -p permit to check if they are some packets to update.

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