Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to protect your Linux ? password

Goal: In this article, we will check that your password are present in the good file and we will test the strength of your password.

Step 1 : Be sure that your password are in the correct file

If you open /etc/passwd, they should be like that





The "x" confirms that password are in other file : /etc/shadow.If you didn't see x but some strange characters, you have to use pwconv.

Note : The format of this file is username:password:userid:groupeid:account_name:user_directory:shell

It's /etc/shadow which contents password :





You can see severeal fields but only two interest us :
- First field contents the user name.

- The second contents the password.

You can note that password begin with $chiffre$.It permits to say which encryption is used :

SHA-512 == $6$

MD5 == $1$

SHA-256 == $5$

Etape 2 : Check password strength

To test your password, you can use John the ripper

emerge app-crypt/johntheripper

unshadow /etc/passwd /etc/shadow > testpwdmd5

john --show testpwdmd5

Note :
- You have to hit enter to check what it's doing.
- When it finishs it writes you user and password if it finds it.
- It will not search root password because the encryption of it is
$6$ SHA-512.So you have to look on web site JohnTheRipper if there are patchs.

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