Thursday, February 25, 2010

Help Gentoo and the opensource !


If you wan to help Gentoo, you can donate something or buy a gentoo product.Buy a gentoo's product permit to make a donation and to promote Gentoo and furthermore it's cool to have a gentoo's  product !
So there are official's links :

Official store

Spread Shirt

You can go on the gentoo's official web site if you want to see others vendors : Gentoo's official website.

If you have buy gentoo's products and you were happy or sad with theses products.Please tell us in a comment ! It's always good to know which product are good or bad !

My wife has buy to me a gentoo's tee-shirt ... Daaaarling Where have you buy the tee-shirrrt ? I will add the answer .... be patient ... DAAAARRRRLLLIINNNGGGG
So the anwer is Cafe Press.I can tell you that I have no problem and I'm happy whith my tee-shirt

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